Cotton canvas tote bags are all the rage these days, and it’s not hard to see why. They are found in many homes and businesses across the world, and they represent a trendy and practical way of being able to carry or transport items. Canvas tote bags serve a number of functions and appeal to a wide audience of people.

So, here is some of the information you should know about our tote bags, and why they are the perfect choice for you right now

Features You Need to Know

There are features of our tote bags that you need to be aware of, and we’re going to break this down for you now. Here are some of the dimensions and features you need to know about our wholesale tote bags:

  • Material – 100% cotton
  • Weight – 6oz
  • Size – 15”W 16”H (imprint 10”W by 12”H)
  • Reinforced stitching
  • Not suitable for machine washing

What are Tote Bags?

Tote bags are large and unfastened bags with handles that emerge from each side, and a pouch in the middle. They are generally made from different types of material, however, cotton tote bags are usually the most common. Leather, jute, nylon, and other synthetics are also often used when creating tote bags, and they have become synonymous with modern culture. 

What are They Used For?

So what are tote bags used for? Well, there are a number of uses, and most people might use them for shopping or carrying goods. The great thing about tote bags is that they are durable and reusable, so they save users having to pay for plastic bags, and thus are more environmentally friendly. Another great use for tote bags is that they are an ideal form of business branding. Companies often hand them out as promotional bags because they are useful to people, and represent a great way of marketing your business.  

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